Why All the Questions? Volunteers scrutinize each request, so we have only “real” members. Incomplete requests are discarded. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours, you may want to try to signing up again. Your answers will become a friendly introduction to my fellow members, and that my profile will be viewable only by members of this community.


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    tell us something about yourself, interests, hobbie family etc so we can get to know you. we are all friends here.
  • Please tell us where you are at!
  • Please fillout all fields so our mod team can review to approve your membership. Specify whether you are a patient, relative, friend, caretaker or medical professional. If you are a Medical Professional please tell us why you wish to join. Patient recruitment is not allowed
  • Have you been Diagnosed? When?
  • What medications and/or treatments have you tried? (so we know you are a legitimate patient)
  • Tell us your Crohn's/Colitis story and how it has effected you life (so we know your are a legitimate patient and offer better support)
  • Minimum length of 4 characters.


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