Life with Crohn’s and Colitis Partners with Antidote

We’re happy to announce a new resource on Life with Crohn’s and Colitis brought to us by Antidote, a health technology company that connects patients to clinical trials through their unique search tool.

New treatments for Crohn’s and colitis can’t reach patients without clinical trial participants. But even if you’re interested in finding a trial, it can be challenging to find the right fit. Antidote takes clinical trial information from sources like and makes it easily searchable for patients.

Antidote’s goal is to make the process of finding the right trial much easier. Here’s how it works: Answer a few questions about your health using the clinical trial search tool on Life with Crohn’s and Colitis. Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Antidote then provides a list of trials that you may qualify for. Then you can reach out directly to researchers conducting the study.

Participating in a clinical trial can be one of the best ways to access quality care and the latest treatments. If you’re interested in connecting with a trial near you, start searching using our new resource:

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